Tanning Supplies Policies…

It is the goal of Tanning Supplies to provide the quality of workmanship and service that meets or exceeds the level of satisfaction our customers require. We focus on supporting our customers throughout our entire relationship. Both our clients and suppliers are important to our future and a mutually beneficial relationship is built on trust.

This policy is achieved with the commitment of all our employees to maintaining high standards and quality in their work, and for the continuous improvement of knowledge and new systems in order to achieve and deliver this.

It is the policy of Tanning Supplies, so far as is reasonably practical, that every possible step will be taken to ensure the Health and Safety at work of all persons. It is also the company’s legal duty of care and intent to do everything reasonably practicable to provide and maintain safe plant, tools and equipment, as well as place of work and working systems.

We ensure that all persons are competent to carry out specific tasks and handling of substances and materials, and encourage co-operation with our employees in order to promote, develop and ensure the Health and Safety at work of all persons. It is our aim to prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health.

It is the policy of Tanning Supplies, to understand that any manufacturing process may have a potential effect on the environment and we recognise our responsibilities and obligations to prevent or minimise any impact.

We ensure this by complying with any regulations and codes of practice and raising awareness with our employees by encouraging good consideration of the world we live in.


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