A new Buzzzzzzzzzz for Salons…

Rarely do we see something new in the tanning industry designed specifically to create a “buzzz” until now that is as the New Alpha Cab from Tanning Supplies will do exactly that! The all NEW Alpha Cab 54 Tube stand up has a “Vibro Plate” as a base which the customer can control with their toes to tone the body whilst getting a golden tan, alternatively, they can use the Vibro Plate stand alone without the lamps on.

Vibro training has become a popular way for people to tone up and lose weight at gyms throughout the USA and now in the UK, so by combining the tanning and Toning together you have a fantastic new product to offer your clients. The benefits of Vibro training are many, the most appealing being the fact that clients will notice how muscle is toned, fat reduced and best of all, cellulite improved.

The New Alpha Cab conforms with the recent EU declaration (0.3W/m2), the result of this however is that tanning times will increase, so imagine being able to offer your clients the opportunity to work out while they tan! Additionally, the new “Vibro System” increases blood flow and with more oxygen in the blood, the skin tans better, your clients will feel energised.

All at Tanning Supplies feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for you to “offer something different” to your clients and make your salon stand out from your competition.

Important! Required Ceiling Height – 8ft!


The new Alpha Cab stand up cabin has not only undergone a visual facelift, but also a technical upgrade. It now comes in a choice of 12 colours in a matt finish or for extra cost high gloss. Due to the configuration of 54 tubes, optimum tanning is guaranteed during a fairly short session in a hygienic cabin. Alpha Cabs are extremely suitable for salons who do not have 3phase electricity or only have a limited amount of free amps on the consumer board.

Alpha Cabs are a must for salons changing equipment due to the enforcement of the recent 0.3Wm2 EU declaration, governing all sunbeds throughout the UK. More importantly though the Alpha Cabs generate both revenue and awareness to your salon.

The New Alpha Cab makes stand up tanning short and powerful, but also more pleasant, available with 54 x 160 Watt longer (190cm) lamps, Radio/CD and Vibro Plate.


  • The lamps are switched on without flickering
  • The lamps have a longer life
  • 5 to 10% less energy consumption, up to 50% weight decrease
  • Fewer electrical components
  • Continuous radiation output during the entire life of the lamps

The optional addition of a Vibro Plate allows you to market your salon as a “Wellness Centre” as you can offer your customers the opportunity to Tan and Tone at the same time, or simply tan or simply tone!

What a fantastic opportunity to market your salon ensuring your competitors trail in your wake and you benefit from the new addition along with increased revenue.


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