Your Customers will Love the Great Features…

The Classic Model from Tanning Supplies was created to address the needs of customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the colour of their mid section and face. It is a fact that tanning beds concentrate the majority of their light energy towards the middle of the tanning area.

Because of this, it is nearly impossible for customer’s legs to catch up with the tan on their more easily tanned faces and mid-section. Additionally, much of the pigment that makes up a skin tan is lost after shaving. The Classic Model from Tanning Supplies is your solution to these problems and gives your salon a unique competitive advantage.

Main Features…

  • Fast powerful tanning action, max session is 12 mins
  • Tans evenly around the entire leg
  • 38 x 65 Watt Reflector Tubes
  • (L)3’6″ x (W)2’5″ x (H)3′
  • Patented W.A.L.T.S (Wrap Around The Leg System)
  • Tans around the leg as well as the outside
  • On wheels – can be moved easily


The Facts…

  • Everybody who uses sun beds wants and expects to get brown legs
  • Legs are the hardest part of the body to tan as they naturally exfoliate quicker than the rest of the body and are considerably drier requiring constant moisturising
  • Vertical sunbeds don’t tan legs evenly because gas in the UV tubes rises to the middle and top therefore legs do not tan as well or evenly as the body and face

  • Leg Tanners are the only proven method of producing beautiful even tanned legs quickly

  • Leg tanners provide fantastic additional income and raise your salon image above that of your competitors

  • Leg Tanners are affordable and don’t require special wiring (they plug into a normal plug socket) 

Sessions (12 Minute Sessions) Price Monthly Annualy
24 £6.00 £4,364 £52,375
12 £6.00 £2,182 £26,187
6 £6.00 £1,091 £13,037
Sessions (Based on 50p Per Minute) Price Monthly Annualy
24 £3.00 £2,182 £26,187
12 £3.00 £1,091 £13,039
6 £3.00 £541 £6,501


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