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Tanning Supplies are extremely exited to announce the launch of our New Acrylics Range. We can cater for all models of sunbeds at prices you will not believe. We carry all the Quality Acrylics required for almost EVERY make and model of tanning bed.

Tanning Supplies not only carry acrylics for our own tanning units, but we also carry acrylics for older models, discontinued models, and even for some brands that are no longer available on the market today.

Save hundred’s of pounds in the process and experience our first-class acrylics for yourself by calling us TODAY or alternatively use the enquiry form detailing the make and model of your sunbed for an instant quote.

Upon payment the acrylic will be delivered free of charge in England (fitted at an extra cost), the lead time is approx 10 days.


Responsive Sunbed Sales and Repairs

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